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The Flying Wallendas

2017 tentative schedule

Date Event City
Feb. 11-12 Ranch Days Date City, FL
March 24-25 Prisons Huntsville, TX
April 9 Jest Fest Gainesville, FL
April 29 Prisons Gatesville, TX
May 5-6 Prisons Fresno, CA
May 12-13 May Fest Blytheville, AR
June 1-25 Circus Flora St. Louis, MO
June 29-July 9 Smithsonian Washington DC
July 14-15 Prisons Tampa, FL
Aug, 17-27 Pending Kentucky (?????)
Sept. 15-17 Guilford (CT) Fair ...
Sept. 28-Oct. 1 Deerfield (NH) Fair ...
Oct. 7-9 Topsfield (MA) Fair....
Nov. 3-4 Prisons Dallas-Ft. Worth
Nov. 17-18 Prisons Orlando, FL
Nov. 28-30 Schools Beaumont, TX
Dec. 1-2 Prisons Beaumont, TX

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