Celebrating 8 Generations of Circus Artistry


What They Do… And Where They Are!

The Flying Wallenda’s are one of the most recognizable names in circus history. They have dedicated their lives to creating world-class performances sure to amaze audiences of all ages.

High Wire Acts

The seven person pyramid, the Wallenda’s signature trick, has been keeping audiences on the edge of their seats since 1948 and is one of the most dangerous and thrilling acts ever performed in circus.

Aerial & Ground Acts

While renowned for their daring high wire act, they astound audiences with multiple circus skills including various aerial acts and ground performances to create a full experience for any occasion.

Fantastic Feats

The Wallenda family is always creating new ways to amaze, including traversing cables hundreds of feet in the air high above rivers, cities, stadiums and more!

June 6 – 23

Circus Flora | Saint Louis, Missouri

July 6-23

LaGrange, Indiana

July 16-20

Hemlock, NY

July 23-28

Whitney Point, NY

August 5-10

Kutztown, PA

August 12-17

New Castle, PA

August 20-25

Mt. Morris, Indiana

August 30 – September 2

Spencer, MA

September 15

Maspeth/Queens, NYC

September 20-22

Guilford, CT

September 26-29

Deerfield, NH

October 12-14

Topsfield, MA


Tino Wallenda

Tino Wallenda

Descended from a rich Circus heritage that spans nearly 200 years and the 6th generation of performers, Tino is the leader of the (Flying) Wallenda family troupe. The Wallendas hold several accolades in the Guinness Book of Records for accomplishing both 8 and 10 Person Pyramids on the tight rope (2001). Other awards include the Silver Clown from the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival (2004).



A native of Czechoslovakia, Olinka has proven herself to be an accomplished performer and aerialist. Descended from an honored and well-respected circus family, the Valla-Bertinis, she has excelled in a variety of circus arts including trapeze, unicycling, and balancing on her head on a trapeze as it spins and descends to the earth.



Tino and Olinka’s oldest daughter, Alida has been performing since she was four and on the wire with her parents since she was only eight. Her circus skills include bareback riding on horses, trapeze, Spanish web, unicycles and the Cloudswing. Alida made her Sky Walk debut when she crossed over a man-made lake in Houston on the wire. Now the mother of 3, Ysabella, Lucas, and Tomas she continues her career in the circus adding the dimension of performing on the flying trapeze with her husband, Robinson Cortes.



Performing has been the motivating tradition in Aurelia’s heritage for 7 generations. Her ancestry includes some of the royalty in the circus world. Czechoslovakia’s unicycling champions – the Bertinis, the daring Wallenda family and the supreme equistrian acrobats of horse-bareback riding – the Zoppès. Her career began at the tender age of 3 ½ as she valiantly filled in for her mother’s absence on the high wire.



Andrea began performing when she was four years old and started in the high wire act at the age of nine. She has been featured as the top mounter of the bicycle pyramid sitting and standing on the chair. Officially retired at this time, she has left performing on the wire for the more challenging duty of raising her 2 children, Zaira and Michael.



Alessandro made his first appearance with his family when he was less than two years old. At the age of 7, he made his debut on the wire in St. Louis where he crossed a span of over 30 feet. When asked when he planned to do this feat again, his reply was, “Every show from now on!” To his credit, Alex has the distinction of being the youngest wire walker, at the age of 14, to hold the Wallenda 7-Person Pyramid.

Claire Kuciejczyk-Kernan Wallenda

Claire Kuciejczyk-Kernan Wallenda

Claire is a native to St. Louis, Missouri. After ballet training, she began her circus skills at a early age when she joined the acrobatic team, the St. Louis Arches. Honing her skills in tumbling, juggling and aerial work as a member of that team, she performed professionally with Circus Flora for several seasons.



JP hails from the illustrious Theron family of bicycle artistry fame from the land of France. Early on he discovered his talent and desire to make people laugh. A protégé of one of the leading clown-comedians in the circus world, Alfredo Landon, he spent his early year under Alfredo’s leadership actively with on-the-job performing-training. He has portrayed Emmet Kelly in a film about the America’s most famous clown. His other credits in the circus world include performing on the sway pole at dizzying heights above the arena floor and diving from a platform 40-50 feet above the circus ring into an air mattress while having set himself in blazing fire.



A fourth generation circus performer and native of Colombia, Robinson is no stranger to heights and aerial acrobatics. Growing up in the circus as a flying trapeze artist and part of the family act, he has accomplished the triple somersault into his father’s hands. Having had experience with his family on the high wire and being married to Alida was a natural progression to performing in the troupe. Robinson is the pointman for the Seven and was part of the 10-Person Pyramid.

Sacha Pavlata

Sacha Pavlata

A fifth generation performer of an esteemed circus family, Sacha has headed up the Big Apple Circus School and Circus Flora’s circus school since coming to the U.S. He has appeared in the motion pictures Big Top Pee Wee and Annie and trained Michael Crawford, Jim Dale, Stacy Keach, and Tony Orlando in circus arts for their roles in Barnum on the London and Broadway stages. He holds the base level, third position in The Seven.





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